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Mindful Strength

A practice that unites strength training, mobility, pain education, and biomechanics with asana practice.

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300-Hour (YA Certified) Teacher Training

Kathryn and Carly both pull from their many years of experience teaching yoga and movement, this training however is not heavily focused on asana practice. Rather, the group will focus on creating a mindful movement practice that can include asana, functional movement, mobility, and restoration. Sustainability and accessibility are more important than specific poses.

kathryn bruni young in triangle pose with a dumbbell

Building Resilience | 30-Day Practice Progression – Now Available!

Through daily practice, we build resilience, which we have never needed more than right now. This 30-day progression combines bands, weights, and active practice with self-massage, and relaxing restoration. If your practice has become inconsistent or your resilience needs a little boost right now this is the series for you. Each practice session is 30 minutes or less. You will need a dumbbell, a resistance band, a block, and a space to roll out your mat.

Complete Our FREE Online Course

Mindful Strength Foundations is our latest free resource that will take you just under one hour to complete. This course is split into four videos: strength and adaptation, co-contractions and pulling, knees over toes, and a practice video to put all the concepts together. We believe in critical thinking, helping people find a starting point for strength, and finding creative ways to bring more strength to the practice we all love. If you are new to Kathryn’s teaching, this course is the perfect way to get started. All you need is a yoga mat and a long resistance band.

kathryn bruni young in triangle pose with a dumbbell

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The most well rounded and creative online movement membership. Join our global community.

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Mindful Strength classes are unique, varied, and they will encourage you to explore what movement practice means for you. Grab your weight, resistance band, and block, and get ready to move with us in all the best ways.

“Kathryn is skilled at incorporating loading principles and strength-based movements into an asana practice. Her style of teaching makes strength training accessible to yoga teachers and students who are new to these concepts and movements. Her classes and workshops are an excellent resource for anyone who is looking to learn more about strength training within the scope of yoga.”

Trina Atman

“Kathryn’s Pain Science Webinar reaches far beyond imitating well-known pain educators. By applying the topic to her life and work, she makes the presentation her own. This offers the viewer fresh perspectives and opportunities to question beliefs about pain and pain care.”

Neil Pearson

Kathryn’s thirst for knowledge and genuine curiosity makes her open to invite and explore a variety of perspectives and approaches and then integrate into the experience. She is an exceptional educator and practitioner with a wide range of understanding and quality content to share. I value our stimulating and thought-provoking conversations and thoroughly enjoy listening to and being a guest on her podcast. I highly respect and recommend Kathryn’s work. 

Shelly Prosko

About Kathryn and Kyle

Kathryn Bruni-Young (she/her) has been teaching yoga and strength-based movement since the age of 17. She began practicing Ashtanga at her mother’s studio in Toronto, and after experiencing some aches and pains decided to branch out and learn from other movement modalities. To date, she has competed as a strength athlete, immersed herself in pain science and multidisciplinary movement education, sustained a successful podcast, led international workshops, and continues to run an online business with her partner Kyle. Her main influences are Greg Lehman, Jules Mitchell, Neil Pearson, Ido Portal and all the guests she hosts on her podcast.

Kyle Pichie (he/him) has been teaching strength and conditioning since 2004, he has taught CrossFit, personal training, group fitness and he’s was the owner of a youth weightlifting club until 2020. Kyle completed Kathryn’s YTT in 2014, and combines elements of his strength background with a more mindful and inclusive approach to exercise. He has years of experience training people in a gym setting, and offers more of a mindful workout approach. Kyle has taken over everything from shooting classes to video editing, technical support and podcast production for Mindful Strength. Kathryn and Kyle live in a countryside village in eastern Ontario (Canada), they travel together for international workshops, teach classes in their community, and produce a number of online courses, teacher education programs, and the Mindful Strength Membership.