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Discover the empowering path to strength training from the comfort of your own home.

Our approach emphasizes the benefits of intentional movement, underscored by a philosophy that developing your strength should never come at the cost of your well-being. With our tailored classes that prioritize strength-building, mindfulness, cardio, and recovery, we offer a compelling alternative to grueling fitness regimens that can leave you feeling depleted. Come as you are and unlock your full potential with us!

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“The Mindful Strength Membership classes always leave me feeling fantastic! A great approach to strength, mobility, and full-body movement. Highly recommend for just about anyone.”

– Jessica Tateishi

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Online studio and app you can practice with from wherever you are


Live group classes 3x week with Q&A


Over 200 classes to choose from, 10-60 minutes


Compassionate coaching to meet you where you are and help you get stronger

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60-card program to boost strength and nurture mindfulness. Designed and created by us!

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About Kathryn

Kathryn (she/her) has been teaching various forms of exercise since the age of 17. Growing up in her mother’s (Diane Bruni) yoga studio she has been learning about mindful movement her entire life. In 2012 Kathryn started exploring other modalities including powerlifting, aerobic conditioning, and various forms of strength based exercise. She has completed a professional pain science mentorship with physiotherapist Neil Pearson, has interviewed some of the worlds top researchers and teachers for her podcast and has taught workshops in over 10 countries. These days Kathryn runs a small in person gym, as well as global online strength programs. She also works with 1-1 clients and helps people of all ages discover and build their own strength.


About Kyle

Kyle Pichie (he/him) has been teaching strength and conditioning since 2004, he has taught CrossFit, personal training, group fitness and youth weightlifting. Kyle was the head coach for the Cornwall Weightlifting Club for 5 years leading up to COVID, when he started coaching for Mindful Strength. He combines elements of his strength background with a more mindful and inclusive approach to exercise. He has years of experience training people in a gym setting and offers a fun and challenging workout approach. Kyle is no longer teaching live classes, in 2023 he went back to school for carpentry. His recorded classes are still in our video library because he offers something very special.


About Christopher

Christopher is a movement instructor, mental health professional, and Mindful Strength admin coordinator.  He has worked in the field of mental health and addictions for over a decade and roots his teaching in that experience – placing a strong emphasis on practices that respect, support, and encourage an individual’s innate resilience.

Christopher teaches with the hope of helping people rebuild a connection to their bodies, expand their range of (e)motion, and enhance their capacity to handle tough life events. He’s passionate about building spaces that promote a sense of courage, safety and, self-compassion.

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