This week we have something extra special for you, the #sneakystrengthyoga challenge is back and this year there are ten contributors. Last year Jenni Rawlings asked all of the teachers from her online studio to co-create a challenge, we had such a great time working together that we decided to do it again for a second year. Last year I interviewed every contributor and released a mini interview on each day of the challenge.

This year Kyle and I have stepped up our podcast game and are releasing two mash-up episodes that weave together the voices of all the contributors. It tells the story of how we each got into strength training, how it has shaped our teaching and what we are excited about now. To participate you can follow all of us on Instagram and follow the #sneakystrengthyoga hashtag.

Each day we post a video of a movement that brings more strength to the practice, and at the end of the ten days we will be giving away some prizes.


In this episode…

Day 1: @lizette_pompa

Day 2: @arianayoga

Day 3: @trinaaltman

Day 4: @francescacervero

Day 5: @kathrynbruniyoung (that’s me!)

Day 6: @jenn_pilotti

Day 7: @jenni_rawlings

Day 8: @samanthaliftsyouup

Day 9: @laurelbeversdorf

Day 10: @yogadetour   


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