Hiroko holds a Master of Science in Clinical Psychology and one in an Applied Positive Psychology (University of East London, Uk). She is a Registered Clinical Counsellor, she is certified in neurofeedback and in EMDR, an effective trauma healing technique. She has gathered experience at the laboratory of applied psychophysiology at Chelsea FC. Training ground (Stoke d’Abernon, uk), supporting her dad working with top athletes to achieve their optimal performance. She is trained in Mindfulness (Bangor University) and she is an advocate for modern meditation. She is the owner of the Vancouver Brain Lab, a clinical practice dedicated to support individuals to heal, flourish and reach their potential.



In this conversation Kathryn and Hiroko talk about everything from heart rate variability to breathing, stress, cueing the breath in yoga and the brain. Hiro talks about how we can use heart rate variability to better understand our recovery and how we are doing. She speaks about the ways in which we can “try to relax” and that sometimes we try a bit too hard. Kathryn shares a personal story from the Mexico retreat and how she had to take a rest when she got home. Hiro gives some examples of how to begin a meditation practice, beginning with basic somatic awareness and describes how the exhale is like a mini vacation. There is so much goodness packed into this converation, we hope you enjoy it.

In this episode…

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 Watch Hiro’s talk about heart rate variability 


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