Shelly Prosko is a physotherapist, a yoga therapist, an author and an international teacher and speaker. She is co-editing and co-authoring the upcoming textbook Yoga And Science In Pain Care: Treating The Person In Pain. Shelly guest lectures at medical colleges, teaches at yoga therapy schools and yoga teacher trainings, speaks internationally at yoga therapy and medical conferences, contributes to yoga academic research and offers onsite and online continuing education courses for yoga and healthcare professionals on topics surrounding chronic pain, pelvic health, compassion and professional burnout.



In this episode Shelly and Kathryn talk about pain, and the biopsychosocial paradigm. This conversation makes pain simple for the average listener which is so important especially because there is so much misinformation around this topic. They talk about what treating the whole person really means, and how pain is made in the brain. We are releasing a number of episodes on pain this season because we feel that this information is changing the way we think about movement more than anything else. Know someone in pain? Share this!

In this episode…

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