James Crader is considered a top health and wellness resource in the Sacramento region. His work with special populations, elite athletes, and students with Spinal Cord Injuries has been featured in numerous blogs / podcasts / magazines / and teaches internationally. James is a CoreAlign Master Instructor and provides CoreAlign education for the Sacramento region. James’ favorite students are those willing and ready to explore new ideas, movements, and experiences while learning how to work better with and within their body.  His degree in Interpersonal Communication, and studies in Linguistics, have made him a lead voice in the area of cueing and client dialogue. 



In this episode James and Kathryn dig deep into communication, teaching, misconceptions we have about the body, alignment, the SI joints and pilates.  James talks about his unconventional path as a pilates instructor, and how his work goes much further than physical exercises. His degree in communication makes him a unique speaker and movement teacher because he understands the subelties of how the body talks to us. They spoke about human variation and how vastly different people can be and move, and how that is normal and great. They also spoke about James’ experience training with Body Mind Centering and how Bonnie has an uncanny ability to know so much about teaching. Kathryn and James immediately hit it off and realized early in the conversation that they both had a lot to say and a number of common beliefs, we hope you enjoy listening.

In this episode…

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