Robin Lacambra (aka Lamarr) is the founder of GOODBODYFEEL Movement Studio and the GOODBODYFEEL Movement Method. She is a Pilates and yoga educator, community activist and an eager student of diverse movement practices. In 2017, she began cultivating a movement+wellness community in Hamilton, rooted in radical inclusion and accessibility. Her teacher training and studio are committed to operating from an anti-oppression, trauma-informed, eating disorder-informed framework. She believes in finding a balance between being a for-profit small business that is community-first, by experimenting with sliding scale pricing, service exchange and bursaries for marginalized communities. As a woman of colour, Robin is committed to changing the look and feel of North America’s movement industry.



Kathryn and Robin have been friends for a number of years, which made this conversation extra special. Robin tells the story of how she got into yoga, and why she eventually turned to Pilates and other stability based movement practices. She talks about bigger issues within the yoga and movement space including accessibility, who feels invited, and how we can do better to create more positive spaces. Robin talks about how the body is political, and shares her experience as a woman of colour practicing in a primarily white community. This is a really important conversation, we want to thank Robin for having such a strong voice and sharing her work with all of us.

In this episode…

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