Dr. Rima Thapar MD is a graduate of Windsor University School of Medicine and School of Etheric Healing who delicately weaves the threads of science, spirituality and yoga. During her medical studies, she became fascinated with the art of medicine and began to explore the sciences with the lens of a spiritual mind. Practicing yoga and meditation from a young age, she decided to merge her spiritual teachings with her medical knowledge to bring forth a new perspective to healing the body as an integrative health practitioner. Taking her medical experience into her yoga and movement training programs with Colin Matthews of Kula Yoga Studios, Cecily Milne of Yoga Detour, Kathryn Bruni-Young of Mindful Strength and Shante Colfield of Movement Maestro, Rima brings information, creativity and curiosity to her yoga practice on and off the mat. Merging teachings from allopathic medicine, energy medicine, medical intuition and yoga, Dr. Thapar empowers her clients and yoga students to be the CEO of their own health. Her favorite yoga pose is Ustrasana (Camel Pose) as it keeps her heart open to all possibilities in life.



In this episode Kathryn and Rima cover the nuances surrounding blending mindfulness and spirituality with clinical practice and rehabilitation. Rima talks about how she began practicing yoga at home, her father sharing his practice with their family from a young age. She speaks about what yoga is as a practice and how she hardly recognized it when we she began practicing in a North American studio. Rima also shares a bit of her own self-care routine and how she manages the stressful position of working with people in chronic pain. She shares valuable insights into her truly holistic view of the body, and how movement plays a vital role in pain care and longevity.

In this episode…

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