Laurel Beversdorf is an international yoga educator specializing in anatomy, biomechanics, and yoga teaching pedagogy. With over a decade of experience teaching teachers, Laurel regularly guest teaches anatomy for 200hr and 300hr teacher trainings, she is the creator of Yoga with Resistance Bands Teacher Training, and a lead trainer for Yoga Tune Up. Laurel is committed to raising the bar on the content and quality of yoga education. Her classes are multi-modal and balance increasing strength and skill with inducing relaxation and introspective awareness. Laurel has written for Yoga Journal, Shut Up & Yoga, and the Tune Up Fitness blog. A Wisconsin native, she lives in NYC with her husband, baby girl, and two cats.



In this conversation Laurel and Kathryn talk about different types of resistance training and how they blend well with other forms of movement, especially yoga asana. They also speak about controversial topics like alignment, postural ideas, and how to navigate injuries. Together they talk about whether alignment is important, and what the most important aspects of movement are to teach. They cover the anterior pelvic tilt, which is something they both expereince, and whether or not it is something to be corrected.

In this episode…

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