Diana Zotos Florio is a licensed physical therapist and certified yoga teacher living in Brooklyn, NY, working in all of NYC. She has vast experience treating patients with many types of injuries including hip, knee, shoulder, low back, neck and ankle, among many others. Her style is to look broadly at the whole body for impairments and causes of injury and rehabilitate by retraining muscles and rebuilding movement patterns through a combination of physical repetition, postural alignment and mental cueing. 



In this episode Kathryn and Diana talk about everything that has to do with the core, breath and trunk. Diana shares some really detailed and helpful information on the breath and creating core stability on both the inhale and exhale. They talk about intra-abdominal pressure, ribcage movement, and the pelvic floor which are all areas that Kathryn is infinitely interested in. They also talk a little bit about pain and injury and the adaptations the body can go through when it’s in pain. Diana speaks about how she blends yoga with her physical therapy practice to address the body in a more holsitic way. If you are a teacher get ready to sit down with your notebook and take a lot of notes, this one is packed with information.

In this episode…

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