Erin has a degree in art and is also a writer and dabbling musician. She was a manual therapist and yoga teacher for ten years before changing course five years ago as she began to study other movement modalities. Her quest to deepen her understanding of human movement and behavior ultimately led her to neurology. She loves learning and teaching about the neurology of movement and her teaching emphasizes play, creativity and targeted brain training. She loves creating not-boring experiential neuroanatomy and body/brain training courses online and plans to teach live workshops around the world.



This is such an interesting conversation between two movement educators. Erin and Kathryn talk about the nuances of coordination, balance, the role vision plays in movement and how to approach movement from the perspective of applied neurology. They talk about adding new movements into the routine to enhance skill development and how learning a new skill is a skill in itself. Erin also speaks about why people feel they have a lack or coordination or balance and how they can work on it. They compare movement modalities and explore the new wave of yoga and exercise science that is sweeping the industry.

In this episode…

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