Kathryn Bruni-Young is the host of the Mindful Strength Podcast, an international teacher and a creative thinker in the progressive yoga movement. Kathryn has been teaching since age 17 and has a deep understanding of postural yoga, it’s benefits and limitations, and how to use strength training and functional movement to restore physical resilience. Kathryn offers workshops all over the world, classes in her small town in Ontario, education for yoga teachers and online programs year round.     This week we are doing something a little bit different on the podcast. Kathryn was recently on Francesca Cervero’s podcast and we decided to release their conversation here because it was so packed with great information. Kathryn talks about why strength training is so accessible and how we can use it as progressive preparation for yoga poses. They go into detail on pushing progressions and how to work up towards doing a push-up or chaturanga. Kathryn also shares some personal insights on her own practice, how it has shifted over the years and how her opinions on yoga and injuries have developed.

In this episode…

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