Shannon Crow has been teaching yoga since 2006, and continues to teach weekly group and private classes in Owen Sound, Ontario, with a specialty in Yoga for Pelvic Health. Shannon has developed a teacher training program for pelvic health and now runs a pelvic health online membership showcasing her own work and interviews with a variety of pelvic physical therapists and other practitioners. Shannon is also the host of The Connected Yoga Teacher podcast.



In this episode Kathryn and Shannon talk about everything related to the pelvic floor, core and pelvic health. They share ideas about IAP and ways in which the breath can increase or decrease core pressure. Shannon talks about her experience with diastasis recti and how she had to rethink her yoga practice many years after giving birth. Shannon gives a couple examples of movements that can be helpful for specific conditions like pelvic organ prolapse, and explains how using the breath in specific ways can make a world of difference. Kathryn and Shannon also talk about the changing yoga landscape and how much research is changing the way we approach certain exercises and movements.

In this episode…

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