Francesca Cervero has been teaching yoga full time for over a decade. After finishing her initial training in 2006 with OM Yoga in NYC Francesca began her career and has been working with 25 private clients a week since. Francesca not only offers private lessons, but a flagship in-person and online course for yoga teachers who want to learn to teach private lessons more effectively. Francesca is the host of The Mentor Sessions podcast, and she is a great resource for teachers wanting to expand their business and facilitation skills. 



In this episode Kathryn Francesca talk about teaching yoga and in particular teaching people one on one. Just last month Kathryn was featured on Francesca’s podcast (link below) and it was fantastic to have Francesca on the show to flip the conversation around. They talk about the specifics of private lessons from setting up a sacred feeling practice space in unconventional environments like offices or gyms. They also dove into practical questions like whether or not you should charge everyone the same price, or how to facilitate online private sessions. We really admire Francesca’s work and were thrilled to have her on the show.

In this episode…

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