Kyle Pichie has been a strength and conditioning coach for over a decade and is the head coach of the Cornwall Weightlifting Club. Kyle works mostly with youth athletes, this athletes have been to junior nationals for weightlifting, and he has a strong interest in making athletics fun for young people. Kyle is also the podcast/video editor for Mindful Strength, he travels with Kathryn worldwide and is responsible for the production of this podcast.



In this episode Kathryn and Kyle talk about strength programming and how it might look different for general movers versus specific athletes. They go over all the terms like sets, reps, intensity, percentages of your max, and give some ideas of how people can build their own strength programs. They talk about the push-up and pull-up in detail, as well as great general exercises like single leg and arm training. This conversation will help listeners undertand more about strength training theories and how they can put these ideas into practice.

In this episode…

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