Diane has been at the forefront of the yoga scene in Canada, she was the first Ashtanga teacher in Canada, founder of the Downward Dog Yoga Studio, and creator of 65 episodes of Breathing Space Yoga

After decades of ‘traditional’ yoga, Diane became disillusioned, her own injuries and the injuries she was witnessing in her community were disheartening. In 2012 after a stage 3 breast cancer diagnosis Diane sold her shares at Downward Dog, freeing herself from teaching traditional yoga classes gave her time to heal, study, experiment and re-evaluate the true meaning of yoga for her personally.

Diane designed the Body Loop to help herself and her community continue to practice yoga poses with resistance, the Body Loop creates a sense of containment and stability while allowing freedom of movement.

The yoga community is changing, and once again Diane is at the forefront of the next wave. Join her and 27,000 other curious movers in her FB group called The Yoga and Movement Research Community.



Kathryn and her mom talk about cancer, what it’s like a second time around, and why moving has been such a helpful part of treatment. Diane shares the story of her first diagnosis in 2012, why she changed the way she was teaching, and how she created a new space to do her own thing. They talk about everything leading up to her recent cancer diagnosis, and how treatments are changing as new research become available.

In this episode…

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