Brooke Thomas’s work is about how we can cultivate a relationship with our bodies, and therefore with our being, and how that can have a profound impact at the individual and collective level. Her work connects the dots of somatic practice, embodiment, trauma recovery, and nervous system regulation. She has been a Rolfer for 20 years, and works with clients in an embodied coaching model that draws primarily from her training in The Realization Process. She created the Liberated Body podcast and is the co-creator of the Bliss+Grit podcast. Her community, Liberated Being, is a hub that connects people who are on this path, of shifting their way of being, with practices and teachers who make that path more sane, kind, and clear. You can find more about her work at www.brookethomas.me and www.liberatedbeing.community



Kathryn and Brooke talk about embodiment, safety and why our nervous systems are always searching to feel safe. Brooke gives some great examples of how we can disrupt ways of thinking to bring our bodies back into the moment. Brooke believes that safety is more than the absence of danger. She talks about the survival brain, and how humans make their best decisions and live their best lives when they feel and embody safety.

In this episode…

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