Clare Kelley is a movement and nature therapy guide. She did her graduate studies in global public health and health research and program design, monitoring and evaluation (MA/MPH) at The School of Public Health and The Elliott School at George Washington University. Her interdisciplinary work combines her years of work in the health sciences with the health benefits of nature connection, the mind-body healing arts, indigenous traditions of her Celtic ancestors, and embodied movement modalities. After living within a mile of the White House her entire adult life, she and her two house panthers recently relocated to the Sonoran Desert. Find Clare on Patreon at Wild Wisdom, where she has a longform essay on the basic principles of epidemiology behind containing COVID-19 as well as online movement videos, meditations, and nature therapy — perfect for those practicing containment! 



Clare and Kathryn talk about the COVID-19 pandemic, and what the world should be doing right now, even in places where there are no cases. Clare gives some insight into how yoga teachers, studios and gyms can be socially responsible, they talk about social distancing and why disinfecting props won’t cut it right now. Clare gives some great insight into who might be vulnerable at this time and how we as a community need to work together to protect people. This episode was recorded moments before the WHO announced that COVID-19 was a pandemic.

In this episode…

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