James Crader’s work is about helping people access their personal power as they connect more deeply with their Self and Others. He’s a Resiliency Expert focusing on movement and mindset coaching. James is the founder of MoveLab, a fun and innovative approach to whole body movement for whole person health. He’s a creative and artist who expresses his connection to / and perceptions of human-ness through writing and media content. You can find out more about James through his website www.JamesCrader.com, or follow him on IG @James_Crader. 



Kathryn and James catch up on life and talk about what is different a year after their last conversation. James shares about his recent life changes, why he has changed his professional title and reconceptualized the way he wants to work. They talked about cueing and creating more flexibility for people to have their movement experience. They also talked about safety, and how we can reshape the idea of safety and who is responsible for the safety of a movement class.

In this episode…

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