I’ve studied movement my entire life and there is still so much to learn.  I’m thrilled by this idea of ‘never being done’.  I am a student first and teacher/practitioner second.  With all there is to know, and all of the information available, I’ve found that the most useful perspective is one of clarity and distillation.  Everything can be so simple if we let it be.  My hope is that the ideas and concepts presented here help make your life a little bit easier (and dare I say happier).  Mindset, like movement, is all about how you look at it.

Current Occupations
Health and Physical Education teacher, Woodburn Arts and Communications 2004 – present
Movement Therapist, Healing Hands Clinic of Natural Therapies, 2011 – 2018
Movement Instigator, Options & Ability, 2019 – present



Kathryn and Chris talk about teaching physical education to kids, how to get through to the kids who don’t want to be there, and how to get more young people interested in movement. They talk about the difference between gym class and sports, and how teachers can use games and a love of movement to get kids motivated again. They also talk about sensing and feeling, what it’s like to actually practice movement as opposed to exercising for reps and sets. Chris is such a motivating person, just what we need right now.

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