Shelly Prosko, PT, C-IAYT, CPI, is a Canadian physiotherapist, yoga therapist, author, speaker and educator dedicated to empowering individuals to create and sustain meaningful lives by teaching and advocating for the integration of yoga into modern healthcare. She is a respected pioneer of PhysioYoga, a combination of physiotherapy and yoga. Shelly guest lectures at medical colleges, teaches at yoga therapy schools and yoga teacher trainings, speaks internationally at yoga therapy and medical conferences, contributes to yoga academic research and offers onsite and online continuing education courses for yoga and healthcare professionals on topics surrounding chronic pain, pelvic health, compassion and professional burnout. Her courses and retreats are highly sought after and have been well received by many physiotherapists, yoga professionals and other healthcare providers. She is a Pain Care Yoga Trainer and has authored book chapters and is co-editor and co-author of the textbook Yoga and Science in Pain Care: Treating the Person in Pain by Singing Dragon Publishers. She is also known for her TEDx talk: Pushing Boundaries in Physiotherapy.     Kathryn and Shelly discuss the complexities of pain science, and why it is important for teachers and trainers to understand more about pain. Shelly also shares research on compassion, what compassion is and how it benefits both the teacher/clinician and the client. She talks about what true compassion is, how we can build it, and how it changes not only pain care but a person’s outlook on life.

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