We are thrilled to have Greg Lehman back on the show!  Greg is a Canadian physiotherapist, chiropractor, and strength and conditioning specialist who educates on a global scale about the relationship between pain and psychosocial factors.  In addition to running a clinical practice, Greg maintains a robust teaching schedule offering his course on reconciling treatment biomechanics with pain science in locations all over the world.



As a follow up to Greg’s first two interviews, this discussion dives deeper into pain science and how to treat musculoskeletal disorders, pain and injuries within the biopsychosocial model. Greg and Kathryn discuss pain science and biomechanics research, and how we can all become more research literate. He talks about the challenges of certain types of research, and how we can be more critical thinkers. He also talks about strength development, strength training in the full range of motion, hyperextended ranges of motion and why we don’t need to fear them.

In this episode…


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