Jenn holds a B.S. in exercise science with an emphasis in physiology and a M.S. in Human Movement from A.T. Still University. She began training people and teaching classes in 2001 while she was still working on her undergraduate degree. She has studied many different modalities and techniques and likes looking for the common threads between systems because she believes if you have deep understanding of the foundational concepts of movement and a deep understanding of how learning works, you can make movement more accessible for each person you work with, regardless of age or previous training history. She is a movement generalist and finds inspiration from a number of movement systems. She owns a movement studio in Carmel, CA and teaches workshops and classes, both virtually and in person.

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Kathryn and Jenn talk about the details of proprioception and interoception and two different mindfulness techniques. They talk about where proprioception and interoception come from, where the proprioceptors are located in the body and how they work. They discuss if it’s possible to have too much interoceptive feedback, and where our internal feelings come from. Kathryn wrote the forward to Jenn’s book, we highly recommend you pick one up.

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