Megan Spears is a coffee-loving body nerd who loves to blast NPR in the car. She lives and teaches yoga in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She has been teaching yoga full-time for 6 years and specializes in teaching private yoga. She loves to geek out with her clients as they learn about their body, discover new movement patterns, and gather their favorite meditation practices. She is currently on path towards earning her Bachelors degree in health education and exercise science with a grand plan to become a Physical Therapist. 



Kathryn and Megan talk about teaching private yoga lessons, and how Megan got into teaching yoga. Megan shares some of the steps she takes between communicating with a person initially and meeting them for a session. She talks about balancing the needs of a pair during private lessons, and shares some advice on how to support someone who is experiencing pain. Megan also shares the direction that her education is taking lately, and how she is balancing work, school and life.

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