Learn about osteoarthritis and how you can use progressive exercise to feel more robust and confident in your joints…

In this episode Dr. Caitlin Casella and Kathryn talk about what osteoarthritis is, and how you can use progressive exercise to help manage pain, inflammation, and feel more robust in daily life. Most of what we have been taught about osteoarthritis relates to “wear and tear” but as you will learn in this interview, there’s so much more to the story.

Main points you will learn about…

  • Pain science as it relates to structural changes in joints
  • Knee joints specifically
  • Beginning exercise even when pain is present
  • How gentle aerobic exercise can be a great place to begin, before heading into strength training
  • More on systemic inflammation and it’s role in osteoarthritis
  • The low impact craze and why it’s essential to gradually progress impact training

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Caitlin Casella is a physical therapist in New York City. After a 14 year career teaching yoga and mentoring yoga teachers, Caitlin transitioned into other systems of holistic movement, somatics, strength and conditioning. Through this evolution, she experienced firsthand how beneficial strength training and cardio conditioning can be—not only on a physical level—but mentally, for emotional stability, pain management, and a confidence boost that extends beyond physical endeavors.


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