We welcome Dr. Stacy Sims, one of the most respected researchers on the topic of female physiology!

Today we welcome one of our favourite researchers, teachers and speakers, Dr. Stacy Sims! In this episode Kathryn and Dr. Sims talk about what makes female physiology so unique and why strength and conditioning are essential for longevity. They tackle popular topics like intermittent fasting, 10,000 steps a day, exercising on an empty stomach and the keto diet. Dr. Sims speaks about the importance of heavy loading and multi-directional impact for muscle and bone health, and why yoga and low impact are not enough. They iron out how much protein women in this stage of life need, how to absorb more water without peeing so often, and much more. It was a huge honour to interview Dr. Sims, Kathryn and the whole team are huge fans of her work.


STACY T. SIMS, MSC, PHD, is a forward-thinking international exercise physiologist and nutrition scientist who aims to revolutionize exercise nutrition and performance for women. Dr. Sims has published over 70 peer-reviewed papers, several books and is a regularly featured speaker at professional and academic conferences, including those by USOC and USA Cycling. 

Stacy currently holds a Senior Research Associate position with SPRINZ- AUT University, supervises PhD students, writes academic papers, and is on the advisory board of some cutting edge companies including Tonal Strength Institute, WILD.AI, and EXOS.  She also has her own business (www.drstacysims.com) where she creates and delivers online learning material focused on women training with their physiology across the lifespan. 

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