When it comes to pain and technique, are we arguing about the wrong things?

This week we welcome physiotherapist, educator and researcher, Greg Lehman. Kathryn and Greg tackle a few topics that require a lot of nuance, like, is technique important for preventing injury, and spinal flexion across different demographics including people with osteoporosis. Greg shares insights on what we know from the research, and topics where we don’t have enough evidence (yet) to make black and white claims. They talk about the importance of strength training, loading gradually over time and actual risk factors in class settings.

Greg also answers a couple of listener questions about pain science, anticipating pain, and whether or not pain decreases as damage heals.

Kathryn and Chris will do a recap of this episode in the coming weeks to talk about what they learned from this conversation.

Greg Lehman is a practicing physiotherapist, researcher and educator in Toronto, Canada with over 20 years experience in the rehabilitation field. Greg’s background includes a MSc in Spine Biomechanics, MSc in Physiotherapy and a Chiropractic degree. Greg has published more than 20 peer reviewed publications in the manual therapy and exercise science fields. He has a special interest in the multidimensional nature of pain and injury and believes that simple yet comprehensive approaches are a cornerstone of the biopsychosocial approach to patient care. Greg has taught the popular “Reconciling Biomechanics with Pain Science” course for 6 years to 1000s of therapist throughout the world. The course is about fundamentals and finding the common threads of many rehabilitation approaches

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