When it comes to strength building, carbs really help!

Today we welcome dietician, coach and strength athlete, Em Palmerton for a conversation about nutrition and why carbs are so important for strength. We hear so much about protein intake, but what about carbs?

Em talks about fitness trends, how carbs have been demonized in many circles, and why healthy exercise is about more than just being lean. Kathryn and Em talk about why carbs are specifically important for strength training, how to navigate blood sugar information, and why macro tracking can be useful in certain advanced situations, but isn’t always helpful.

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Emily Palmerton (she/her) is a registered dietitian and yoga teacher based in Buffalo, NY. She found the nutrition field after working as a massage therapist and in the fitness industry, and currently works as an eating disorders dietitian as well as a sports dietitian. She has a background as a rugby player and got involved in various strength sports from kettlebell training, powerlifting, crossfit, and olympic weightlifting. After 5 years of training in olympic lifting, now strength trains on a recreational basis, though continues to work with strength athletes helping them to dial in their nutrition.

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