300 Hour Teacher Training | Strength, Science, Inclusion

This 300-hour (YA Certified) teacher training is led by Kathryn Bruni-Young, Carly Stong, and an incredible faculty of guest teachers.

  • This training is appropriate for yoga/movement teachers and clinicians who want to integrate more strength, movement science, and inclusivity into what they do. This is training is 100% online, a includes a combination of recorded and live content.
  • The training is divided into seven main modules. Strength, science, and inclusion will be constant themes throughout this training. Also included will be assignments, practice teaching, and a weekly live class.
  • Kathryn and Carly both pull from their many years of experience teaching yoga and movement, this training however is not heavily focused on asana practice. Rather, the group will focus on creating a mindful movement practice that can include asana, functional movement, mobility, and restoration. Sustainability and accessibility are more important than specific poses.


  • Module 1: Strength and Mobility
  • Module 2: The Core and Breath
  • Module 3: Anti-Oppression, Trauma, and Inclusion
  • Module 4: Biomechanics and Anatomy
  • Module 5: Pain Science, Injuries, and Safety
  • Module 6: Business of Teaching
  • Module 7: Teaching Strategies

Time Commitment

  • This training is spread out over a year to ensure every bite-size piece is well digested. Training begins April 10, 2021, and ends March 16, 2022.
  • We will meet twice a week (Tuesday and Thursday) and have a weekend intensive every other month.
  •  Tuesday 12-1 pm EST will be a live group class, participants (that’s you) will each have an opportunity to teach the live class and receive group feedback. Participants are expected to attend a minimum of 50% of these classes.
  •  Thursday 12-2 pm EST (sometimes 12-3 pm) will be a live workshop/Q&A with Kathryn, Carly, and the guest faculty members.
  •  This training also includes seven weekend intensives, these intensives will be hosted on Saturday and Sunday from 12-5 pm EST.

My mission is to help people become informed and inspired to challenge their brains and their bodies as they develop a movement practice that is safe, inclusive, compassionate, and empowering.”

Carly Stong

Weekend Intensives (each day 12-5pm EST)

  • Weekend 1: April 10-11
  • Weekend 2: June 5-6
  • Weekend 3: August 5-6
  • Weekend 4 October 2-3
  • Weekend 5: November 20-21
  • Weekend 6: January 15-16
  • Weekend 7: March 12-13

You Get…

  • A 300-hour Yoga Alliance certificate
  • 2 private sessions with Kathryn and Carly for 1-1 mentoring
  • Workshops with Kathryn, Carly, and world-class guest faculty (see below)
  • Weekly group class + feedback (Tuesdays 12-1pm EST)
  • Weekly workshop + Q&A (Thursdays 12-3pm EST)
  • 7 weekend intensives (dates listed above)
  • Access to all materials for one year after the training is finished
  • Access to a private online community for the duration of the training
  • Manual to complement videos
  • A combination of recorded content and live interaction
  • Accessible pricing, please note that prices are in CAD (folks from America get 30% off because of the exchange rate)
  • Flexible payment plans that can be spread out

Neil Pearson

Neil is an Adjunct Professor at the University of British Columbia and an experienced physical therapist and yoga therapist. Neil is co-editor of the textbook Yoga and Science in Pain Care, Treating the Person in Pain.

Jules Mitchell

Jules is an experienced yoga teacher and trainer with a Master’s of Science degree in Exercise Science and Biomechanics. Jules is the author of the book Yoga Biomechanics, Stretching Redefined.

jamilah malika

jamilah is the anti-oppression facilitator for New Leaf Foundation, Mindful Strength, and Mindfulness Without Borders. she is a proud member of the Brown Girls Yoga collective based in Toronto, and in addition to teaching trauma-informed, mindfulness-based yoga, she is a writer and an artist (SAIC MFA ‘19.)

Kevin O’Connor

He holds a Ph.D. at the intersections of performance studies and science and technology studies at the University of California, Davis. His research examines anatomies, body performance capacities, interventions, and imaginations in relation to science studies, including the material-bio-cultural tissue called fascia.

Ophelia Rigault

Ophelia is a grief educator, a yoga teacher, and a public speaker with over 2,000 hours under her belt. She is the host of ‘Thank The Grief it’s Friday’ radio show and connects to second-generation ancestral gift of spiritual insight and intuition

Christopher Bourke

Christopher is a movement instructor and mental health counselor.  He has worked in the field of mental health and addictions for over a decade and roots his teaching in that experience – placing a strong emphasis on practices that respect, support, and strengthen an individual’s innate resilience.

Sasha Padron

Sasha is a yoga teacher and birth doula with over 25 years of experience and has attended 700+ births. Her life’s work includes pre and post-natal care and how movement can influence strength, recovery, and resilience.

Jennifer Snowdon

Jennifer is a Buteyko Breathing Educator and a long time yoga teacher. Jennifer teaches Science of Breath workshops, as well as works with people one-on-one to optimize their breathing.

Tejal Patel and Jesal Parikh

Tejal and Jesal host the Yoga is Dead Podcast, a  revolutionary podcast that explores power, privilege, fair pay, harassment, race, cultural appropriation, and capitalism in the yoga and wellness worlds. Tejal and Jesal are both yoga teachers and educators and will lead a cultural appropriation module for this training.

Shanté Cofield

Shanté is the creator of The Movement Maestro LLC, a social-media based company that provides both online and in-person education for movement professionals. Since starting The Movement Maestro LLC, They have amassed a social media following of over 58,000 awesome individuals, which has lead to international speaking opportunities including Dubai, New Zealand, and Australia. 

Application Process

– Apply using the online form

– You will hear back from Carly within a week or so

– Once accepted you will be required to pay a $500 CAD deposit to reserve your spot

– The remaining $4000 CAD can be split into a flexible payment plan if needed

– We are accepting a minimum of 20 and a maximum of 50 participants