Mindful Strength Team | 4 Years & Growing Stronger Every Day

On this very special birthday episode of the Mindful Strength Podcast, Kathryn sits down with Kyle and Chris to talk about the last four years, their movement journeys and where things are headed next.  There has been so much growth, including bringing on Kyle and now Chris.  Each of them bring a unique skills and perspectives to the table – and this casual chat offers a little window into the behind the scenes magic at Mindful Strength.

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About This Episode

This is a very fun and casual conversation between Kathryn, Kyle, and I (Chris) – gathered around the country kitchen table at Mindful Strength HQ.  Kathryn shares some of her reflections from the past year and then asks us all some fun questions about our movement journey, what we’re working on…all the way to what our favourite food is right now.  Yum!

This episode is special because it offers you a little glimpse into the humans behind the screens/scenes at Mindful Strength.  You’ll hear how we all come from very different movement backgrounds and yet we all found a way to cross paths, collaborate, and continue to build something unique together.

The next year ahead promises to bring more amazing content from all three of us.  Kathryn is stoked to bring more specialty strength programming like Pull-Up Club and the Stronger Every Day 8-week strength progression series.  It’s so awesome to be a part of the Mindful Strength Team because, through my support, Kathryn and Kyle can put their energy into making more offerings you love – and continue delivering high-quality programming you have come to know + trust.

The other thing I love about this interview is there is a moment where we chat about all that goes unseen in our life and our work.

Kathryn is an incredible (and patient) cook, gardener, and baker of bread.  She’s also a lovingly compassionate leader and strategic thinker!

Kyle is loyal and steadfast in his support around all things technical, complicated, and computer.  Bless his long history of gaming!!

And me, Chris, I feel like you get to see how movement always felt so inaccessible.  I like sharing that story because a lot of people have felt unsafe or unwanted in the gym + movement spaces.  Yet there are spaces for us and it’s neat when you find them.

I am so lucky to have found a space at Mindful Strength, and it is a HUGE honour to be a part of the team

I hope you enjoy this chat!  There are lots of fun facts to learn about us, as well as some of the new offerings this year.

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Thank you for being here!  Excited for what’s next with you 🙂

~ Chris

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