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Backbending Pain Free!

The theme of my week has been how to avoid lower back pain. From my online course that is currently running, to Facebook questions, I thought I would use this week to dive a bit deeper into how to bend our backs without breaking them.   To begin with, bending...

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Feeling Safe in Our Bodies While Working Through Injuries

Most of you already know, I grew up practicing a vigorous form of yoga. Over the years this vigorous practice led me down the rabbit hole of repetitive strain injuries in my knees and lower back. There were years of pain, clicking, cracking yet constant devotion to...

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Is our movement actually mindful?

What is mindfulness and what is mindful movement? Before I started researching mindfulness and taking courses in meditation I assumed that any type of practice that was slow and blissful was mindful. I equated meditation with sitting in a peaceful setting and thinking...

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The Cure For Tight Hamstrings

Whether your hamstrings are super stiff or noodle like, there are a few things we should all know about the muscles in the back of our legs. First of all, "the hamstrings" are not one muscle, they are in fact three muscles that have been bundled into a group....

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The Mindful Strength Bookshelf

Behind the laptop and Instgram account of a forward thinking entrepreneur there is a bookshelf and list of podcasts that constantly produce inspiration. Whether my resources come from a book I snagged off my mom's shelf, or a friend's referral, new information has the...

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Mindful Habits and Mental Muscles

The dictionary describes a habit as "an acquired behaviour pattern regularly followed until it has become almost involuntary."   A week ago I returned home, after spending three weeks staying with my partner's family. A month ago our house flooded, from the top...

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