Brooke Thomas is, in no particular order, a ROLFer/bodyworker, mother, mover, maker, podcast host and curious human. A few years back, through her work and creative process, Brooke started the Liberated Body Podcast as a means to share information that served as a forum facilitating her own ongoing learning and others. This work evolved into Brooke’s latest project, Bliss and Grit, a podcast candidly exploring spirituality in the modern world, with her friend and co-host Vanessa Scotto.

In this episode of the Mindful Strength podcast, we traverse a variety of terrain as we learn about Brooke’s path through life in body, art, science, entrepreneurship, self-awareness and spirituality. Kathryn and Brooke chat ROLFing, debunking common myths about the practice with insights into its origins and evolutions; stress and the stories of our lives and our bodies; tissue and nervous system response patterns; Brooke’s passion for re-educating people on what they think is true; viewing and treating our bodies as dynamic living organisms rather than disconnected parts of the whole; finding ease; and, somatic meditation. Brooke’s language and insights around mediation, embodiment and spirituality are communicated in ways that we hadn’t heard before and we love her clear, non-dogmatic approach to these concepts and tools that ultimately support learning to live from the being.

In this episode…

Podcast \\ Bliss and Grit

Podcast \\ Liberated Body

Brooke Thomas \\ brookethomas.me
Connect with Brooke’s work via her podcasts or in person through her embodied living sessions or in workshop. Brooke’s next workshop, Living Your Body’s Intelligence, happens Summer 2018 in Seattle with Liam Bowler of The Body Awake.

Judith Blackstone \\ The Realization Process
Brooke has studied with Judith Blackstone, providing much inspiration for the evolution in her work and practice. In the Realization Process, the radical openness of non-dual realization is based on deep contact with the internal space of one’s body. Judith has authored a number of books and offers courses in person and online.

Jane Clapp \\  @janetheclapp
Jane teaches and advocates Movement for Trauma. Her Instagram feed is a source for powerful nuggets of wisdom and self regulation tips.


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