Chris Kummer is a naturopath, a movement enthusiast, a gifted anatomy teacher, and a yoga teacher trainer. His teaching delivers engaging education in fascia-based movement anatomy and he has been teaching on the faculty of YTT programs for over 18 years. Chris continues to travel the world teaching and also offers online education that is simple to understand yet highly effective.

Kathryn and Chris have been friends for a few years and this episode was recorded during a visit last summer in Prince Edward County. In this conversation, Chris explains his views on bodywork and how the tissues are connected from the superficial skin all the way down to microscopic cells. They talk about working with the body as opposed to fighting against the body and nervous system as a way to develop a more harmonious practice. Chris shares insights on how we can become more skilled at listening to what our tissues are telling us, and together they unpack topics like isolation training, fascial slings, and human variation. Together they question whether too much emphasis is being placed on fascia and discuss some of the problems with how we have viewed the human body as a set of levers in the past. More than anything else this is a conversation between friends and colleagues, and it is a must-listen for anyone wanting to challenge preconceived notions on the human body. This the second time Chris has been featured on the Mindful Strength Podcast.


In this episode…

Chris Kummer \\   @Anatomyshow
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