We have recorded the Mindful Strength Immersion and have created a bite sized FREE resource for teachers and yoga practitioners wanting to spring into their own strength

Included in this free course

  • 10 videos in total
  • 9 mini clips from workshops
  • 40 minute class to practice along with
  • Tips for creating your own strength practice
  • Practical moves that you can start doing today

Are you practicing yoga, and finding yourself increasingly interested in other forms of movement and strength training?

Wish you had a better strength training strategy?

Working towards bringing more strength into your weekly routine, but need some help?

Thinking more about safety and functional movement?


When you sign up for this free course you can watch 2-4 minute videos outlining some of the most practical strength training movements. You can also follow along with a flowing class that focussed on blending strength with yoga. You will walk away with some great exercises, and tips for putting together your own strengthening class or practice. This course makes strength based movement simple

What is Mindful Strength?

Mindful Strength is Kathryn Bruni-Young’s way of making strength based practice accessible for yoga practitioners and teachers. It’s about building the strength we know we need, with the feeling of yoga. Many people don’t go to the gym, and they don’t know where to start on their own. Kathryn’s online courses will help you understand strength, pain, yoga, functional and creative movement.

Who is this course designed for?

  • Yoga teachers looking for a complimentary but very different approach to the practice.
  • Long time yoga practitioners interested in critical thinking and inquiry based learning as opposed to rules and systems.
  • People who aren’t sure how to build their own strength, but know they need it.

    “I’ve recently purchased the ‘Master Your Pull-ups and Push-ups’ and it’s the course I wish I’d found years ago! Sensible strength training that focuses on long-term progressive adaptations without stressing the body unnecessarily and paving the way for injuries.

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge with the world!”

    Jane Black

    Screenshots from the FREE Intro to Mindful Strength course

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    About Kyle

    Kathryn Bruni-Young (she/her) has been teaching yoga and strength-based movement since the age of 17. She began practicing Ashtanga at her mother’s studio in Toronto, and after experiencing some aches and pains decided to branch out and learn from other movement modalities. To date, she has competed as a strength athlete, immersed herself in pain science and multidisciplinary movement education, sustained a successful podcast, led international workshops, and she continues to run an online business with her partner Kyle. Her main influences are Greg Lehman, Jules Mitchell, Neil Pearson, Ido Portal, and all the guests she hosts on her podcast.

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