Dr. Perry is not your average Chiropractic doctor. With a host of knowledge, certifications, recovery and movement modalities at his finger tips, he is the founder and director of Stop Chasing Pain, a program and community with an MO to get people moving more of themselves, more often.  Inspired by his own healing journey, Perry believes that movement is key to feeling better in our bodies, as well as our minds – and that how we think about or perceive life, ourselves, movement, and pain have a profound impact on our ability to be well. Kathryn and Perry connect on movement, mindfulness and the individual-ness of every human. They cover a range of topics from adrenals and our relationship to stress, to the power of choice innate to humans, why a state of play is so essential to making shifts and improvements in our mood and state of pain, as well as science, discovery, intuition, instinct, “good” medicine and why variety is the spice of life.

Dr. Perry doesn’t take life or medicine too seriously, and doesn’t think you should either. This episode is absolutely loaded with information, tips, clips, fun, and creative ideas that will most definitely stay with you long after the podcast ends. He even has an assignment for you…. tune in to find out!

We are beyond excited to have had Dr. Perry on the podcast and to be able to share this conversation with you.

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In this episode…

Stop Chasing Pain (SCP) \\ stopchasingpain.com

Stop Chasing Pain is Dr. Perry’s main hub.  This site is a deep well of knowledge and eduction where you can find his workshop and training schedule, videos via community membership, and the SCP blog, podcast, and shop.

Dr. Perry has a podcast of his own, check it out.


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