Sarah Kim is a Sport & Exercise Medicine physician and movement practitioner based in Toronto, Canada.  Complementary to her medical practice, she is a certified yoga instructor and mindfulness meditation and movement educator. She has a creative practice in Dance and Contemporary Circus Arts, integrating her previous training in martial arts, hip hop and the Axis Syllabus as part of her movement research. Sarah considers herself a lifelong student of the human condition and believes strongly in movement as a core foundation of well-being. In this episode Dr. Kim and Kathryn talk about the importance of an individualized approach to strength training and movement.  Dr. Kim talks about how her movement practice has been informed by her professional experience and vice versa.  She talks about how important movement and resistance training is for every body but that there is no magic formula: what works now may not work in the future and that we should respect our current experience.  Sarah and Kathryn discuss how biomechanics research can sometimes leave us with blanket statements about the body that may ignore an individual’s unique movement and recovery requirements, and how Sarah uses that when working with patients with chronic issues.  Sarah talks about how beneficial strength training can be for all modalities including yoga, and how movement changes the human brain and assists in healthy aging.  They also discuss the idea that learning how to move means learning how to listen to your body signals and how making sustainable changes takes time.  
In this episode…
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