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Handstand Club

April 21, 2021 @ 12:00 pm - June 13, 2021 @ 12:00 pm

Welcome to Handstand Club! Scroll down to find all the important information about our next session beginning April 21. For tech support or specific questions please email support@mindfulstrength.ca. All testimonials shared are from current Handstand Club participants.

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This is a supportive club community for anyone who wants to work on their handstand. Kathryn grew up in gymnastics, then moved to the Ashtanga practice which was full of handstands and arm balances. In her early twenties, she returned to adult gymnastics classes and she has been practicing gymnastics strength training on and off since then. Kathryn is committed to helping people build their confidence, strength, and skill while having fun playing around upside down. This is our second round of Handstand Club, and this will be the last session until the fall/winter.


“I am very happy with my decision to join the Mindful Strength Handstand Club. Kathryn’s careful planning and guidance, together with the community motivation, have helped me stay the course. I am feeling stronger, more confident and am having so much fun!!”


About this class…

  • Hosted live on ZOOM, classes are recorded in HD
  • Comes with a PDF program so you can keep track of your progress
  • 2 classes a week, because consistency is really important!
  • Wednesday at 12pm EST, Saturday at 10:30am EST
  • Begins April 21, ends June 12
  • Specific video tutorials on wrists, kick-ups, rebalancing and preliminary strength included (new feature)
  • Participants who can only attend one day live are encouraged to sign up and do the other day as a recording at their convenience
  • Classes are 45 minutes long followed by a 20 minute Q&A (show us what you are working on if you want)
  • Kathryn frequently attends to the chat during breaks to answer questions or concerns
  • Participants will get access to all recordings and will maintain access until the end of October 2021


Important Dates

  • Registration closes April 20th
  • Upon registration you will receive the bonus strength video
  • Prior to April 20th you will be added to the Handstand Club course on our Uscreen platform (this is where our Membership lives)
  • You can take this week to go over the tutorials and prepare for the live classes which begin the following week


“Handstand Club is really helping me take it to the next level with skills, strength and gaining comfort and confidence, let alone the camaraderie of doing it all together – an amazing platform!”

“Kathryn’s dedication to teaching with clarity and kindness is so lovely. Her constant learning of the body, anatomy, movement, and strength really comes through in her teaching.”

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About the progression

  • The first two weeks will be geared towards strength
  • The second two weeks will combine strength with skill training
  • Kyle and Kathryn will offer two options for every exercise, one for folks who can easily kick up, the other for folks who need more kick up preparation
  • Occasionally you will be encouraged to choose your own exercise to add to the program
  • Weeks five and six will focus again on strength
  • Weeks seven and eight will focus more on skill development
  • Remember you will maintain access to the class recordings after the class has finished, this way you can practice handstands all summer.


“I’ve been doing yoga and trying to do handstand on and off for nearly 20 years, but this is the closest I’ve ever come! Kathryn’s program is smart, supportive and fun, and I look forward to every new class.”


***Bonus: When you sign up you will receive a confirmation email with a link to a foundation strength video. We recommend you practice with this video at least once a week until Handstand Club begins.


“I’ve been practicing handstand in my yoga classes for a good 10 years and I’ve always felt there had to be more to this than just kicking up over and over and working on your core. Not only has this Handstand Club proven that to me, it’s also opened my eyes to the giant breadth of work I can participate in to feel stronger in my handstand and also just feel stronger in general.”



Wednesday 12pm EST and Saturday 10:30am EST from April 21 to June 12 (16 classes in total)


Early Bird Pricing has been extended to April 20th: $189 CAD (+ tax where applicable)

Previous Handstand Club participants receive 50% off (please go check your email for your coupon code)

Mindful Strength Membership subscribers get 30% off the early bird price, must sign up before April 1st. Members, we are emailing you a coupon code, if you don’t see it reach out to support@mindfulstrength.ca

** $189 CAD is approx. $157 USD

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More about the class

Handstand training has to be the right balance of strength and skill. Most people just start kicking up at the wall and miss the specific strength training and skill training. This practice also needs to be consistent, which means shorter practice sessions more often. Twice a week for 40 minutes is better than once a week for 60+ minutes. When you sign up you will get access to the live classes as well as the recordings. If you miss a class you can catch up at your own convenience.

Kathryn will be practicing along with you. She is teaching this series because she loves handstands and wants to work on them more consistently too. She will guide you through the 45-minute practice which will include a warm-up. There will be an optional 20-minute Q&A at the end. If you need personalized instruction or you want to show the group what you are working on this is the time.

What to expect?

  • A brief dynamic warm-up to begin each class (if you need more warm-up please begin early)
  • Specific and progressive wrist strength/mobility
  • Shoulder strength/mobility focussed mainly on pushing
  • Full body mobility required to practice handstand with more ease (yes mobility helps!)
  • Rebalancing exercises for those who want to move away from the wall
  • Core strength/awareness to connect your arms to your legs
  • A fun and creative environment where we can all work on this playful pose
  • Gymnastics style strength training including basic locomotive exercises
  • A balance of strength training and skill training
  • A PDF to fill out as you go

What you need

  • A little bit of empty space on the floor, a mat, and some wall space
  • A long resistance band (we recommend latex-free Theraband in red)
  • A chair or stairs or counter space for incline push-ups
  • A set of yoga blocks or books
  • (if you have other props like weights, handstand blocks, ankle weights etc… great, but these are not necessary)


“I’m having a ton of fun in this program. I’ve been practicing Handstands since I was a kid and have even taught programs for Handstands myself, but I’m still learning new things in Kathryn’s course. I appreciate the exercise manuals so that I can keep working on this beyond the timeline of the live classes. Definitely getting loads of value from being in this program!”


Who is this for?

  • You do not need to be able to do a handstand to join, this is not about perfection it’s about progress
  • You do not need to be able to kick up at the wall, although we will do this, Kathryn will give you additional options
  • People who want to step up their handstand skills in a supportive community
  • People who have been trying handstands for a while but need a more progressive system
  • People who want to have fun with their movement


This club will be about progress, you can practice with your video on or off, Kathryn will be demonstrating. If you would like personal feedback you can have your video on and ask questions at the end of class.

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April 21, 2021 @ 12:00 pm
June 13, 2021 @ 12:00 pm