“You cannot feel fat. Fat is not an emotion.”  – Evette Dionne

Evette Dionne is a culture writer, editor and scholar, whose research, writing and activism supports creating new voices fosize acceptance, race, gender and sexuality. After hearing Evette’s story and powerful message on the Food Psych Podcast, Kathryn knew she needed to connect with her for our current Mindful Strength podcast series exploring “health” and body image.

Evette and Kathryn’s conversation is largely centered around the topic of fatphobia, exploring its complexity as it is woven into the fabric of our culture.  They talk about open and safe spaces, early childhood learning (including their own), societal influences, and our ability to both learn and unlearn in creating awareness for bodies and health. Evette sheds light on the ideas, industries and communities that foster and facilitate the misaligned and phobic mentality that permeates society, as she responds to the question of how we got to this place where fat equals negative. Evette shares her love of nature, the profound effect it has on our human-well-being; and offers advice to yoga teachers, movers, and any person hoping to create space for more identities and abilities. This episode is honest, informative, powerful and important – we hope you take it in, carry it forward and contribute to the dialogue!

In this episode…

Evette Dionne \\ @freeblackgirl
Evette is a Senior Writer for Bitch Media, and is a regular contributor to a host of other publications. Be sure to find Evette on social media as @freeblackgirl and via her website.

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