Gil Hedley holds a doctorate in theological ethics, became a rolfer in the early 90’s, has guided thousands of “somanauts” through dissections and is one of the leading voices in the fascia based anatomy world. He offers hands-on dissections, trainings and online courses, and has written a handful of books and has produced four feature length videos documenting the entire human body layer by layer. Gil is an entertaining and thought provoking educator and his work is changing the way the world understands the human form.

We are kicking off the new year with one of Kathryn’s all-time favourite speakers. This conversation begins with a definition of fascia, what it is, how it can be described, and how much things are changing as our knowledge of the body grows. Gil talks about how he came to learning about the body from a very disembodied place himself and how dissection made him realize that what we see in the books is not what we have under our skin. He also talks about body diversity and human variation, not just on a joint level but every aspect of the body. They talk about body work and foam rolling, and Gil remarks that the body is like a baby, we can’t beat up on it. He also comments on the western approach to yoga and how practice that is void of interoception can cause people to force their bodies into shapes that might not be meant for them.

In this episode…

Gil Hedley \\ http://gilhedley.com
Visit Gil’s website for information on his courses and in-person trainings.

Jill Miller – Gil mentioned Jill as a great resource for body work and rolling.

Bernie Clark and Paul Grilley – Yin yoga and human variation.

Amber Karnes – Body positivity and acceptance.


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