Glenn Black has been studying yoga, movement and therapeutic body work for fifty years. He is known in the yoga community as a master teacher and is the only person certified in Body Tuning by Shmuel Tatz. Glenn has spent years in solitude and continues to teach the yoga and movement he believes is powerful and healing.

In this interview Glenn and Kathryn talk about yoga and injuries in detail. Glenn has a unique perspective, after 50 years of practice and teaching he has seen a lot of ups and downs in the yoga community. He comments on how many people are surprised when they become injured practicing yoga, as if the mystical side would protect against repetitive strain or a lack of preparation. He speaks about how he consulted with William Broad for the book The Science of Yoga, The Risks and Rewards and how many people were unhappy when he began to speak his truth. Glenn also speaks very humbly about how he doesn’t really know how to teach teachers, and the complexities of bringing up yoga teachers in this new age. Over the course of the interview he came back to the idea that yoga is not just asana, and how our materialistic culture has glorified the physical practice.

In this episode…

Glenn Black \\ Glenn Black Yoga and Bodytuning
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Jill Miller – Jill comes up a few times in this interview, Glenn was one of Jill’s mentors.

The Science of Yoga, Risks and Rewards by William Broad


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