Julian Ho is a coach, Ironman and ultramarathon champion, and a consultant in health, wellness and fitness. He believes in achieving harmony in the body, mind and spirit through experiential learning, ‘learning by doing’; ‘adaptability’ as the spice of life, and positive psychology. Julian is also the founder and director of 2.0 Toronto, an event platform for personal growth and professional development.



This is a fascinating conversation about endurance, what it means and how to achieve it in many areas of one’s life. The conversation starts with Julian’s experience as an endurance athlete and how the psychological mentality required to pursue and work with discomfort was something he learned at a very young age. He talks about the psychological aspect of perceiving and working through pain and discomfort as well as achieving a ‘flow state’ and that everyone is capable of doing this. Julian discusses how his achievements in ultramarathons have translated into developing healthy connections in all areas of his life. Kathryn and Julian talk about his totally holistic approach to preparing for ultramarathons, which goes way beyond just the physical preparation.

He talks about cross training, stretching, mental preparation, creating incentives and how he uses all of these tools to help beginners on their running journey. Finally, Julian talks about his thoughts on minimalist footwear and barefoot running and the answer may surprise you! This is an episode not to be missed!

In this episode…

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