Karen Rain is a writer, tutor and nature lover. She is also a survivor of a cult and sexual assault, who speaks truth to power. She enjoys dancing, going for walks in the woods with her three cats and playing games with friends.

This conversation covers topics like sexual abuse that might be sensitive to some listeners. K. Pattabhi Jois abused Karen while studying with him in the early 90’s. In this interview she shares her opinions on cults, yoga, gurus and trauma informed practice in a way that will stark critical thinking. She speaks about her experiences in India, why she decided not to return and the painful reasons as to why she quit the practice all together. She also comments on the people who have supported her and the devoted students who participated in the covering up and silencing of stories like her own. Karen also speaks about her relationship with Matthew Remski and how his work is changing the yoga landscape for the better. This conversation ends with a really practical discussion of trauma, consent, and ways in which teachers can make their classes more accessible and effective. This is a powerful conversation and a really important topic, we are grateful to Karen for sharing her experiences with us and we believe there is a lot to be learned from her.

In this episode…

Karen Rain 

‘Yoga Guru Pattabhi Jois Sexually Assaulted Me for Years’ blog by Karen Rain.

Karen Rain: Ashtanga Yoga and #MeToo blog.

Believed Podcast about the well loved and protected sex-offender, Larry Nassar. Very helpful in understanding how these things happen.

I, Survivor Podcast interview with Dr Jennifer Boyd about institutional betrayal.

Matthew Remski on the Mindful Strength podcast speaking about the book he is writing on this topic.


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