Kim Vandenberg is an American competition swimmer and Olympic bronze medalist. She now lives in New York and travels the world public speaking, is an athlete mentor for RISE Athletes and writes for the Women’s Sports Foundation. Aside from swimming, Kim also practices yoga and meditation and believes in the power of self awareness and being in your body.

In this episode Kathryn and Kim talk about everything from becoming an Olympic swimmer, to mindfulness and becoming self aware even when we push our bodies to the breaking point. Kim shares her experience growing up in California with a backyard pool, racing her siblings was a natural and playful way to begin a career as a professional swimmer. She talks about the challenges young athletes face, whether it’s abuse from coaches or relationship struggles competing at a high level is never easy. Kim also speaks about making the Olympic team, how she made the decision to dedicate her entire life to the sport and how 100% dedication was the only way she could reach her goals. Midway through the conversation Kathryn asks Kim about her relationship with yoga and mindfulness, if pro athletes are trained to tune their bodies out, and if it’s possible to be an athlete and still listen to your body. Kim talks about how she learned to slow down and how yoga, pilates and meditation helped her get into her body in a new way. This conversation bridges sport and yoga, we hope you enjoy it.


In this episode…

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