Margot McKinnon is the founder and director of education at Body Harmonics which just celebrated it’s 20th year in business. Body Harmonics has been at the forefront of helping people move well, teach well and be well and is the home of internationally recognized teacher training programs.



This is a special interview that was born from a mutual appreciation of movement and teaching, we were delighted to have Margot McKinnon on the podcast. Margot and Kathryn talk about everything from the basics of the core to teaching strategies and broad ideas about movement. Margot shares her experiences as a long-time teacher and gives some great examples to support her thoughts about movement and teaching. They talk about using imagery alongside or in place of specific anatomical language, building trust, meeting people where they are, shifts in the community, and the always interesting topic of cueing. This conversation also revolves around how to make movement work and make sense to people, regardless of their prior experience or specific interests.

In this episode…

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