About This Podcast: Building Emotional Strength with Energizing Movement

Kathryn and Mindful Strength teacher Chris Bourke talk about his new class Mindful Energizer on the Membership, as well as some of the rationale behind it.   This is a really interesting conversation that offers new ways to consider practicing mindful awareness outside the usual contexts of quiet solitude and relaxation.   Chris shares how the class is a fun, energizing exploration that can help folks shift states of stress, boost confidence and increase their ability to experience rest + relaxation.

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About Christopher Bourke

Christopher is a movement instructor, mental health professional, and Mindful Strength admin coordinator.  He has worked in the field of mental health and addictions for over a decade and roots his teaching in that experience – placing a strong emphasis on practices that respect, support, and encourage an individual’s innate resilience.

Christopher teaches with the hope of helping people rebuild a connection to their bodies, expand their range of (e)motion, and enhance their capacity to handle tough life events. He’s passionate about building spaces that promote a sense of courage, safety and, self-compassion.

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