Happy Holidays Everyone!

As my gift to you, we’ll be releasing easy to follow movement practices every day for the next 9 days, December 24 to January 1. Each practice is between 15-25 minutes long and there is a little something different in there for each day that is accessible to every one and every body. Knowing this time of year is all kinds of things for people, we wanted to provide a way for you to connect with your body, even for just a few minutes, so that you can disconnect from the hustle and bustle of it all. Make this an opportunity to take some moments for you or gather friends and family for some mindful movement time together. Hope you enjoy!

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December 24 – Gentle Spinal Mobility
Practice Props: Mat or No Mat! Just leave yourselves a bit of space to get up and down from the floor.


December 25 – Down Regulation and Relaxation

Practice Props: Coregeous ball, pilates squishy ball, or a folded up pillow.


December 26 – Balance, Sensitivity, and Skill

Practice Props: A foam block, or a shoe.


December 27 – Upper Body Strength, and Push-Up Progression

Practice Props: The side of a couch or counter top.


December 28 – Upper Body Strength, and Mobility

Practice Props: A block, or Coregeous ball, or a shoe. Something that is light that you can hold in your hands, that is safe to drop.


December 29 – Lower Body Strength and Mobility

Practice Props: A wooden block, or stairs, and the wall.


December 30 – Fun With Feet

Practice Props: A Yoga Tune-Up ball, or any ball you have around the house.

Mindful Strength Challenge: Do this routine two times a week and see how much your feet love it. Share with anyone you know who is always in shoes, and enjoy an extra health boost!


December 31st – Twisting into a New Year

Practice Props: A chair, and space to lie down.


January 1st – Setting Goals for an Embodied Practice