Alec Zirkenbach is an athlete and trainer, who specializes in Adaptive Crossfit. He works with Crossfit as a Subject Matter Expert in  the Adaptive Crossfit Training Course, facilitating education and training all over the world. With an athletic background and time served with the Navy, Alec’s work with accessibility in movement was born out of his own practice and experiences as an adaptive athlete.

Kathryn and Alec have a great and in depth conversation about Adaptive Crossfit, what it means to be an adaptive athlete and generally how valuable it is as a trainer or coach to have information that can allow all movements and training environments to be adaptable and accessible. Alec is generous with his knowledge and experiences as the pair share appreciation for the Crossfit discipline and he describes his injury, detailing his return to Crossfit with impairment and limitation leading to his expertise today. Alec elaborates on a variety of topics including: language and how important it is in making people feel whole, Crossfit’s value in community, learning methodologies, and how training for athletes with disabilities should be like any other training in effort, intensity and well-roundedness. Check out where you can find Alec’s course offered near you via the link in our show notes.


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