Charlie Reid is a fitness professional and unique movement educator based in San Francisco , California. His health-first approach looks at mobility as an indicator and a pre-requisite of physical health that precedes all other movement qualities. Charlie has a particular interest in examining and interpreting the scientific literature on–but certainly not limited to– stretch physiology, strength & conditioning, and neuroscience research.

Kathryn was introduced to Charlie’s work by friend and two-time podcast guest Jules Mitchell, and we knew we needed to have him on as well.Charlie’s is pragmatic, well rounded and subjective  in  his  work and  he shares with us many nuggets of    wisdom in this interview. We learn about Charlie’s journey through movement, his transformative experience with strength and conditioning as a young person that lead to his keen interest in body science and fitness, his interest in music and the shared qualities found in these pursuits, and what his own personal practice looks like today. Charlie’s foundation of both personal practice and coaching centers around curiosity, exploration and supporting people in expanding their own physical literacy, as well as performance goals. Charlie, like us here at Mindful Strength, believes that our bodies require a rich movement diet and that strength is “like a swiss army knife” in the tool kit of coaching. We hope you enjoy this conversation!


In this episode…

Charlie Reid \\  charliereidfitness.com
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