This Mindful Strength Podcast episode is the first in a series we are producing on “health,” challenging cultural ideas, perceptions and norms on a range of topics including body image, diet, fat phobia and accessibility.

“… it is counter intuitive to a person’s well-being to be pursuing weight loss …” – Joy Dorsey

Joy Dorsey is a mother, wife, Recovery Coach, yoga/movement instructor and studio owner based in Brantford, Ontario, Canada. Being a long time friend of Kathryn’s, this conversation gets personal as Joy shares details of her own life’s journey, what is means to be a recovery coach and why she won’t work with weight loss goals. The two swap stories of continued awakening to the truth about their own perceptions and biases of health and body, the profound impact of our learned and felt experiences, and talk teaching movements that work for every body. So much is revealed in peeling back the layers of our cultural conditioning: what we associate with external perceptions of a body or a person as it relates to “health,” sexualization of the female form, media and industry, dieting, and more.

These subjects are vast and deep, please tune in over the coming weeks as we continue to dig in and explore with our inspiring line-up of guests!

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In this episode…

Joy Dorsey \\ joydorsey.com
If you are interested in learning more about Joy and her work please visit her website above – she also offers distance sessions! You can also connect with Joy on Instagram and Facebook, or person at her studio Be Moved Yoga & Wellness in Brantford, ON.

Health At Every Size Community \\ Dr. Linda Bacon
The Health At Every Size community and principles are founded on social justice, inclusivity and sharing knowledge as guide to supporting and respecting body diversity. Stemming from Dr. Linda Bacon’s book of the same name, this movement challenges and seeks to redefine present cultural perceptions of health , into one in which all bodies are celebrated. Take the HAES pledge today.

Christy Harrison \\ Food Psych Podcast™
Christy Harrison, is a dietitian, intuitive eating counselor and host of  the Food Psych Podcast™, dedicated to helping people make peace with food and their bodies.

National Eating Disorder Information Centre \\ nedic.ca
The NEDIC is hub for information, education, support, programming and resources on disordered eating and more.

Dr. Gabor Mate \\ drgabormate.com
Dr. Gabor Mate is an accomplished author, speaker and doctor sharing his expertise with the world on topics including addictions and stress.

Jane Clapp \\ janeclapp.com
Jane Clapp is an embodied resilience and trauma recovery coach, with two decades of experience in the health industry. She works with people using a combination of various movement and healing modalities alongside nervous system regulation techniques to foster resiliency, strength, mobility, happiness and freedom in their lives 


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