Conversations with Kathryn & Kyle: Jumping - Kathryn Bruni-Young

Kathryn’s partner, Kyle Pichie, joins her on the Mindful Strength Podcast.  In this episode of Conversations with Kathryn and Kyle, they hone in on jumping – one of Kyle’s strong suits, as well as share what’s new in movement and life in Williamstown and beyond. After discussing the ins and outs of jumping practice, find out how their first round of BJJ went, and about Kathryn’s new online course, with a few tips from Kyle on grip strength – the oft forgotten but ever so important component of upper body strength. They recap their recent retreat in Mexico: teaching and working synergy with Diane Bruni and Ruth Douthwright, training with new movement friends, coming home inspired and how this all led to their new mat flooring! These recordings from the pair’s country home, are fun, casual, candid and open – we hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

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In this episode…

Kyle Pichie \\
Train with Kyle online to support your existing practice! Contact him via the website above. You can also connect with Kyle on Instagram @cornwallweightliftingclub or via Caveman Strong in Cornwall.

Diane Bruni \\

Movement In Mexico \\ Feb 10-17, 2019
Save the date for your 2019 winter escape! It’s never too early to start planning. Get in touch with Kathryn for details and reservations.

Jonathan & Mariana Fletcher \\ Puerto Escondito, Mexico
Kathryn and Kyle had the most amazing time training with movers Jonathan and Mariana in Mexico last month. Check out what they are up to in life and movement: @jonathanfletcher88 & @mariana_fletcher

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