We continue with our podcast series this week on the subjects of body image, “health” and diet culture.  In this episode, Kathryn connects with the inspiring, Kristina Bruce.

“Fat in and of itself does not equate to poor health” – Kristina Bruce

Kristina is a Body Acceptance Coach and Health at Every Size advocate. Calling upon her personal life experience and education in life coaching, yoga, health studies, sociology and fitness, Kristina works with individuals to be happy and healthy in their bodies NOW, not as some desired or future version of themselves, by challenging the status quo of what it means, or looks like, to be in good health.

This episode is jam packed with facts, information and nuggets of wisdom! Kristina shares her personal story with body image, weight loss and diet culture. She reveals the history of the Body Mass Index (BMI), the flaw that is its use as an individual determinant of health and addresses the influence big business and money have on the health industry and our perceptions there of. Kristina provides insights on disordered eating vs eating disorders, fat phobia, medical bias, social messaging, factors beyond food and exercise that influence our health including environment, education, socio-economic status, inherent levels of stress, and why these systemic and social issues are easier to avoid and harder to change.

Kristina provides some powerful advice for those looking to explore these concepts and challenge existing belief systems, stepping out of fear and into trusting yourself.

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In this episode…

Kristina Bruce \\ @kristinabruce_coach
Kristina is based out of Toronto and primarily works with clients 1-to-1. She is also available for public speaking engagements. You can also find her work on Facebook @KristinaBruceCoach.

The Work of Byron Katie \\ The School of Work
Kristina is an experienced facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie and credits the process to supporting her awakening and transformation in the perceptions and acceptance of her body and the belief systems that permeate our society.

Association for Size Diversity  \\ Poodle Science

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Podcasts  \\

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Health at Every Size \\ PLEDGE


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